Walking the Walk – Being Green, Not Just Talking About It.

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Climate change is a threat to every single person on the planet, it is real, it is happening, and it must be addressed by proactively shifting away from the things us humans are doing to dump greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, then investing in technologies to try to mitigate the damage already done. (I just want to be really clear where I stand on this!)

I have really woken up the last few years, and realize that as an individual, I have a responsibility to my phenomenal daughter and my gaggle of remarkable nieces and nephews to do whatever I can to be a part of the solution so their earth is still beautiful and liveable. We all need to collectively do our parts to conserve and reduce our use of fossil fuels, and that core belief is what led me and my partner to install solar in our home, as well as a hybrid heat pump – so we can power, heat and cool our home from clean solar energy.

It wasn’t cheap, and we are fortunate enough to have the resources to do so. I believe that programs to lessen the financial burdens on private as well as public entities to make the switch is a smart, universally beneficial place to focus. I am spending many hours each week learning about private and public solar programs, the ins and outs of financing solar systems, and what the cost/benefit ratio really looks like.

Clean energy and solar experts have readily agreed to meet with District C candidate Amanda Murphy and me to educate us on solar. If elected, I plan to come to the Council with an informed and fully vetted green energy plan.

I am walking the walk the best I can, and I think Cary should do the same as a municipality that can be a leader in installing and supporting clean energy initiatives. I have a community survey through which I have many great suggestions on how we can move the needle on solar in particular. I would love to hear what you think – if you are a Cary resident. please take the survey! https://forms.gle/DKZRVSSTFmBi2PfH9

Would you support programs that funded solar installation at low or no cost to taxpayers? I want to know what you think. Email me at electcarissajohnson@gmail.com.

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