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Carissa Johnson

The Cary Municipal Election RUNOFF is JULY 26th, 2022 – Get more info here) . Early Voting runs July 7th to July 23rd at Herb Young Community Center.

I humbly ask for your support as the At-Large Cary Town Council candidate that is ready to roll up her sleeves and work for you.

I am proud of my track record of years of volunteer service to the community, and I would like the opportunity to shape the municipal policy of Cary. I love this town, and I am proud to have called it home for most of the last 25 years. Cary is genuinely remarkable, but we can do better for more people.

I am an open book, and I want to hear from you. Email me at with questions, and let’s discuss your hopes and concerns for Cary.

My values and commitment are reflected in my endorsements by the Wake County Democratic Party, EqualityNC, NC Asian-Americans Together in Action, the Sierra Club, and current At-Large Council Member Lori Bush. I want to hear about your values: Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts by taking my CARY COMMUNITY SURVEY!

Carissa Johnson for Cary Town Council

It is time for a new kind of progress. I will work for a more equitable and green Cary.

How will I vote if elected?

I will vote predictably. Based on these core beliefs:

Safe, Affordable Housing is Critical.

Municipal leaders have a responsibility to provide solid, focused support for Workforce and Affordable Housing initiatives. A diverse Cary requires municipal support for citizens who are housing-cost burdened. Cary needs a real plan to increase affordable housing options, so our kid’s teachers, public safety, service sector, and others who serve our citizens can call Cary home and enjoy the amenities of the communities they serve.

Cary Should Be a Green Leader.

We can do better. The time for real, actionable green and environmental protections and policies is now and I will tirelessly advocate to preserve our canopy, reduce negative environmental impacts, and make Cary a leader in solar power initiatives.

Inclusivity Requires Action.

Cary can be a model in inclusive municipal policy, and I am ready to be a champion and an ally for changes that will support my friends and neighbors. I want to ensure that others benefit from the resources in Cary the way my family has and that we make decisions that are more equitable and genuinely represent “all y’all”.

Personal endorsements and what other folks say about me…

Robert Campbell, Former Chair of the Information Services Advisor Board:

“I had the pleasure to work with Carissa as the chair of the Information Services Advisory Board for Cary Town Council. Carissa’s dedication, support, innovation, and contributions to the ISAB as a volunteer improved everything we created for the Town Council. I know that as an elected member of our council, Carissa will do everything she can to make Cary a better place for everyone, and she will bring a focus on issues that are relevant to every citizen in our town.”

Jeff Smith, Co-member Information Services Advisory Board:

“When Carissa joined our ToC Advisory Board. She immediately added value, brought a fresh perspective, but most importantly a positive can-do energy. I’m happy to publicly endorse Carissa and donate to her campaign to ensure a continued bright future for our home here in Cary.

Amanda Murphy, District C Candidate for Cary Town Council:

“Carissa Johnson excels at leadership and would be an asset in shaping the municipal policy of Cary. and community service. She not only talks the talk but walks the walk by volunteering her time on the Information Services Advisory Board, the Cary 150 committee, Cary 101 program, Volunteer Guardian ad Litem, District 10 Judicial Branch, and the Democratic Precinct 04-11 Vice-Chair. Her commitment to our community is unwavering. I am excited to run alongside Carissa in this election and cannot wait to sit beside her on council to help make progressive change in our community.”

Jeanine D’Alusio, ODCP:

“She who learns at the speed of lightning” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Carissa… absorbing information like a sponge.”

Non-Profit Executive, Democratic Party Leader Bill O’Neill:

“Carissa is smart, caring, and committed. She combines a passionate approach to issues such as affordable housing and environmental sustainability with a deep knowledge of the workings of our town government. In short, Carissa understands what needs to be done and knows how to do it!”

Cary Citizen, Tracy Freeman

“I am endorsing Carissa Johnson for At-Large Cary Town Council and would like for you to consider voting for her. I have known Carissa for 5 years and find her knowledgeable and informed about key issues facing Cary and NC, especially environmental issues which are very important to me as well. She is advocating Sierra Club policies and clean energy and I believe she will make an outstanding Cary council member.”

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