Affordable Housing is Critical to the Future of Cary.

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This is the thing that keeps me up at night. I live in “old downtown” Cary – going on 15 years now, and I bought this house from the lovely woman who built it in 1948. I wanted to remain in Cary and I felt so lucky to have found an affordable home in town – a big yard, and it was (and still is) so safe – and we could even walk to one of the best Elementary Schools in Cary! I had 2 jobs and a 4-year-old starting kindergarten soon and we were so lucky to have found a place I could afford with a single income earner and we thrived here. Is my story even possible in 2021?

I am not confident it is.

If elected, it will be my mission to work with other like-minded citizens, councilpersons, non-profit organizations, and town staff to make it possible for others to live in Cary without being housing-cost burdened. I am very proud to have worked with local folks in my precinct to author this Resolution:

WHEREAS, the senior population in Cary is increasing; and

WHEREAS, a significant portion of our police, fire, EMT, teachers and other first responders and educational and public servants cannot afford to live in the town they work in and serve;

WHEREAS, development and improvements are reducing the stock of affordable homes for rent or purchase, and rising property values are effectively increasing taxes on existing homes, making housing unaffordable for people living on modest or fixed incomes.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wake County Democratic Party challenges the Town of Cary to lead the way in finding creative ways to increase equity in our Town through efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing for residents within Town limits. 

The leadership of Cary Democratic Precinct 04-11 challenges the Town of Cary to proactively address challenges to seniors and others living on fixed or modest incomes for whom rising property taxes will be a hardship.

Furthermore, the leadership of Cary Democratic Precinct 04-11 further challenges the Town of Cary to create affordable housing programs that will target individuals with modest incomes who provide service to our citizens, including: police, fire, EMT, and other first responders; teachers and school staff; and all others entrusted with critical public services vital to the citizens of Cary. By living within the Town limits, they will enjoy all the amenities of the Town while enriching the fabric of our community, whose citizens they serve.

What do you think? If you are a Cary resident, please take my Cary Citizen Survey

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