It Ain’t Over til its Over – May 17th final election results and July 26th Runoff details

I am frequently asked what the final vote count for the May 17th Cary municipal election was, so I am sharing it here.

Carissa Johnson 10,225

Ken George 9,899

Ed Yerha 5,504

Why don’t those numbers match what you saw elsewhere? First, some results were early results that are still online. Also, in coverage by some media outlets, only Wake County results are reported, but we cannot forget our 1,103 fine neighbors who turned out to vote who live in Cary, but their homes happen to fall in Chatham County.

I was the top vote-getter, but it isn’t a win – yet! As is his right, as the candidate with the second-highest number of votes, Ken George called for a runoff election because no candidate got the 50% plus one vote required to win outright. This is how it works in non-partisan elections.

PLEASE come out and vote in the Cary Council Municipal run-off election! Early voting for Wake County residents is open through July 23rd at the Raleigh Board of Elections or at Herb Young Community Center at 101 Wilkinson Ave, Cary, NC 27513 – see the hours and dates below.

Chatham County voters can vote early at the county’s Board of Elections office at 984 Suite D Thompson Street in Pittsboro for the Cary runoff.

Election day is July 26th. Voting early is easy, but if you prefer to vote on election day, check your regular polling place, as there have been some adjustments.

Note these Cary July 26th election day polling place adjustments:

  1. The polling place for 04-05 (Reedy Creek Elementary School) was temporarily moved for the 2022 Second Primary and Cary Municipal run-off. The new polling place is Reedy Creek Middle School, located at 930 Reedy Creek Road., Cary, NC
  2. The polling place for 18-02 (Fairview Baptist Church) was temporarily moved for the 2022 Second Primary and Cary Municipal run-off. The new polling place is Middle Creek Elementary School, located at 110 Middle Creek Park Ave, Apex, NC 27539.

Last – there is also an important run-off for the Wake County Sheriff’s Democratic nominee. I have met Willie Rowe several times, and I will be casting my ballot in support of him. He is in a run-off with Sheriff Baker to faceoff with Donnie Harrison, the Republican nominee, in the Fall.

This is expected to be a very low turnout election, so please spread the word about the election and make your voice heard!

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