Vote on March 8th, 2022!

The Cary Municipal elections will be held during primary voting in March of next year.

Due to redistricting efforts based on the 2020 census, the 2021 municipal elections have been delayed. The NC General Assembly passed and ratified Bill 722 , and because Cary has district-based elections in 2021, our election has been delayed so that our voting districts can be rebalanced and equalized.

Why is this important? So each vote has the same weight, or as close as possible. Our Town had very unbalanced districts, some with about double the population of the others. For this reason, redistricting is important.

While redistricting does not affect me as an At-Large candidate, it does affect my colleague Amanda Murphy, who is the District C candidate and my coalition partner in the upcoming election. Check out her website, and see how her focus complements and overlaps with mine.

I am proud to be running “with” Amanda! She and I are pursuing endorsement by the Democratic Party, along with other organizations and like-minded individuals. We ask for your support, and your vote on March 8th.

Stay tuned for more news!

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